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Chocolate Christmas Dessert Ideas for 2016

With Christmas 2016 just days away, we thought it would be a nice idea to share some quick and simple dessert ideas that are fun to make and scrumptiously delicious!

Here are three of our favourites.

Millionaire’s Ice Cream Bombe

If you are looking for an exciting dessert that will take centre stage with total pride whilst leaving your family and friends spectacularly and visually impressed then the Millionaire’s Ice

Cream Bombe simply refuses to disappoint.

Covered with crunchy Maltesers, this is one frozen desert that everyone will enjoy – especially those with a penchant for chocolate and ice cream. It is also exceptionally easy to make, requires no baking and serves ten to twelve people – perfect for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers.

The recipe is easy to find online, although we have provided a link here:

Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Here is a fun and innovative way of avoiding some of the clutter when it comes to washing up, once the guests have gone and the kids are in bed.

Perfect for serving up ice cream, puddings and other tasty treats, chocolate balloon bowls are enjoyable to make and guaranteed to be an instant hit with your loved ones.

Simply melt some of your favourite chocolate by breaking into pieces and placing into a bowl and then heating over a pan of simmering water, and then blow up a couple of small balloons before dipping them into the chocolate once it has cooled a little.

Once the chocolate covered balloons have set, you simply pop the balloons and peel them away – which will leave you with a collection of perfectly round, edible bowls that are particularly great for dishing out ice cream.

Recipe found here:

Boozy Brownie Trifle

Staying with the chocolate theme, this deliciously tempting trifle style dessert is another quick recipe to prepare and is seriously yummy. First, make the custard using 500ml of real vanilla custard mixed with 100g of your favourite dark chocolate (broken into pieces).

Next up, take 400g of scrummy chocolate brownies and put them into a trifle bowl, before mixing together with 3 tablespoons of coffee and then gently drizzling a tablespoon of Irish cream liquor over the mixture. Then sprinkle on a 120g bag of crushed Maltesers before spooning the cool chocolate custard over the top. Remember to save around a quarter of the Maltesers for the finishing touches. Cover and put in the fridge.

For the final layer, you’ll need 100ml of Irish cream liquor and 500ml of double cream, which you will need to combine in a bowl before sprinkling 25g of icing sugar into the mixture. This will need to be whipped until you begin to notice soft peaks starting to form. Again, cover and chill.


Now all you need to do is mix the cream for a few seconds before spooning it on top of the chocolate custard mixture and then sprinkle the remaining broken Maltesers on top as the final touch. This last stage should be carried out just before serving.

Recipe found here:

Display and Presentation Ideas

Of course, when your festive desserts are finally prepared and ready to serve, you will want to make sure everything is beautifully presented and kept immaculately fresh.

Here at Row and Sons, we can take care of the dessert presentation side of things on your behalf with our elegantly designed, Italian styled acrylic food domes. Perfect for cakes, meringues, Yuletide logs and all other festive sundries!

Our bespoke acrylic food domes can be made to your exact specifications, so if you would like us to make something special then simply give us a call and let our skilled craftsmen create the perfect display / food storage gift idea for you.