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Festive Food Presentation Ideas from Row and Sons

As one of the UK’s leading choices for bespoke high quality chopping boards and superior quality wooden cheeseboards, we thought it would be an excellent idea to share one or two festive food presentation ideas that will help to show off your catering skills whilst undoubtedly leaving your guests feeling totally impressed!

Christmas is a true time of joyfulness and sharing.  It is the one time of the year when we quite unreservedly allow ourselves to relax, unwind and feast contentedly without ever having to worry about our waistlines.

If you run a restaurant or catering business and you are looking for something truly unique that will create an air of distinction in your establishment then our elegant serving boards and unique wooden platters are an unrivalled choice.

Our front of house serving boards are made from an elite choice of materials ranging from bespoke wood materials through to contemporary plastics and wood fibre products which are all incredibly attractive and highly appealing both visually and in terms of functionality.

This year, instead of slicing the turkey beforehand in the kitchen and serving it on plates, why not make an event of the carving itself?  Imagine the look on the face of each guest as you enter the room with a beautifully cooked, succulent bird that is glistening with perfection, before skilfully carving off tender slices on a rustic wooden cutting board that has been manufactured to perfection by an experienced craftsman.

In fact, why use plates at all?  Here at Row and Sons, we offer a distinctive choice of quality serving platters that will elevate your culinary presentation skills to the next level!   Our natural wood serving boards are made to exceptional standards using traditional techniques and they are the perfect choice for cutting, serving and sharing meat, bread, vegetables and fruit.

If you are thinking of serving cheese and wine at your Christmas gathering, then we also stock a superb range of complementary cheeseboards, both with and without cutting wires, which will really add a refined and enviable touch of class to your Xmas feast.

Whether you are serving guests at a restaurant, hotel or a pub carvery, or you are entertaining family and friends at home, we offer a superb selection of high quality cutting boards and serving platters that are aesthetically pleasing, beautifully functional and exquisitely practical.