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For the Festive Season: Go Crackers for a Great British Cheese Board.

Our very, very Great British Cheesemakers produce close to 1000 different varieties of cheese with more artisan options coming forward on a month by month basis.  What a gift for us all!  And the fast approaching, Festive Season, has to be the very best time of year, to have yourself a merry little cheese tasting.

So we are taking the opportunity to remind you of the 2019 British Cheese award results;  together with our recommendation, if you haven’t already, to consider some of these fantastic entries and options, for your Christmas festivities, this year. Loved across British households, the Nation’s favourite cheese is still cheddar.  This practical, easy to keep, hard cheddar-type cheese was specified by the Ministry of Food as being the only variety of cheese, which could be produced and sold during the Second World War.



Referred to as ‘National Cheese’, often served with a slice of heavy, dry wholemeal bread, called ‘National Loaf’, cheese eventually came off the ration in 1954.  Post-war marketing was quick to remind the Nation of the once popular, pre-war custom, for eating bread and cheese, whilst having a beer in the pub.  Popularity across all cheese varieties has continued to grow since, but it is likely due to this relationship with rationing, at 2oz per person per week, that cheddar cheese will be very hard to knock off the top of the ‘cheese variety’ tree.



We (so very nearly) all love cheese.  The British Cheese Board  (brilliant name btw..) carried out a survey and found that only 1% of children said they never ate cheese, 20% of children ate cheese every day and 45%, eat it every other day.  98% of British households buy cheese at a rate equivalent to roughly 10kg per person each year, which is 27.4g per person each day.  It takes 10 litres of milk to make 1 kg of hard cheese and 30g of cheddar contains around 30% of an adults’ daily recommendation for calcium, plus protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, 10.5g fat and 125 calories – 7% of daily recommended calories (info courtesy of the British Cheese Board).



So, Row & Sons, specialists in our field, British manufacturers of traditional, high quality wood boards, eco-friendly Roweca boards, both ideal to serve British cheese varieties on; as well as manufacturing other products such as HDPE500 polyethylene boards and other technical food cutting surfaces, including butchery and catering sundries, would like to say thank you, to you, our Great British Cheesemakers this Christmas, specialists in your field. For hard cheeses, semi-hard cheeses, for blue, soft and semi-soft cheeses, for fruity cheeses, fully seasoned, really wild and fiery cheeses.  We aim to try them all!



Our selection of wood blocks, bespoke and customer logo’d boards, your chosen board type with Acrylic food covers, wood cutting boards, cheese boards with wire, our selection of Roweca boards and knives (including our cheeky little cheese mouse), are all perfect partners to complement fine British cheeses.  Whether you are an experienced local producer, a farm shop, butchers, deli, pub, hotel, restaurant, supermarket or even an enthusiastic novice, we can manufacture and supply any board to your style.

For more details contact Catherine on 01206 396688 or via email to