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Roweca Steak Knives: A Better Class of Cutlery

A carefully-cooked, high-quality steak is a favourite for thousands of people in the UK.  Going out to a restaurant to enjoy a steak meal is an experience to be savoured, which can be made to feel all the more extravagant, with provision of a properly-designed steak knife: a quality, well balanced cutting blade and the supporting act to the main event.  Row and Sons, part of the Partwell Group, supplies a select range of precision forged steak knives and here we look at the collection in more detail.

Steak knives from Row and Sons are crafted using Roweca, an engineered material created using a paper/fibre composite. Roweca offers a knife handle solution which is both stylish and practical.  It is food-safe, dishwasher-friendly and heat resistant up to 176°C.  It is extremely versatile and used in the manufacture of a variety of Row & Son’s food preparation and presentation surfaces. The hygienic Roweca steak knives are perfect for use in a wide variety of food establishments from the village pub to Michelin star restaurants. Best of all, Roweca is an extremely environmentally-conscious material, fully approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).



British made, Row & Sons heritage is easily recognised across the Roweca steak knife range and the seven available designs are each named after famous brands of British beef, including Angus, Hereford, White Park and Galloway. Roweca steak knives supplied by Row and Sons are crafted in Sheffield, the traditional home of cutlery manufacturing: they have a full tang extending through the Roweca handle, are ergonomically designed for hold, well balanced and comfortable in weight.  Lovingly shaped, polished and expertly finished by experienced craftsman, they come with an ultra-sharp, precision blade, carrying the internationally recognised Made In Sheffield® mark.

At once practical and stylish, the uniquely-attractive aesthetic of these quality knives can be further enhanced with your own logo, allowing you to better convey the essence of your brand. Each style is available in either Natural or Slate Roweca, to exactly suit your requirements and the Row and Sons team are always available to offer advice, information and support.

Find out more about Roweca steak knives and Food Cutting Surfaces as well as many other products for Butchery, Food Preparation and Food Presentation on the Row and Sons website.