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UK Meat Events – Upcoming Promotion Ideas For Your Butcher’s Shop

You really can’t knock the UK when it comes to our passion for British food. Those in the industry and everyday consumers alike are fiercely proud of the produce that comes from these shores. Not to mention, the kinds of delicacies that nobody on Earth does better than we do.

Nowadays in particular, the importance of buying British and celebrating our heritage is something more people are getting into than ever before. So if you’re looking for the perfect way of promoting your products, why not get on board with a few upcoming events?

And just to make life that little bit easier for you, we’ve picked out five of our favourites you might like to check out:

24 August – National Burger Day

Heralded as no less that man’s single greatest creation, the humble burger will be enjoying a day all of its own later this August. To celebrate this glorious occasion, hundreds of burger joints all over the country will be serving up unique burger creations, along with a fair few generous discounts. What better time to promote your burger meats, not to mention your own speciality burgers?

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1 -> 7 September – British Lamb Week

Try as they might, not a producer or country on Earth can hold a candle to the UK when it comes to lamb. Once again, the first week of September brings British Lamb Week, which is just as much about generating awareness of the importance of British lamb as it is about eating the stuff. Promote this event in your butcher’s shop and watch your lamb products fly out the door!

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23 September -> 8th October – British Food Fortnight

Held at the same time as the annual harvest festival, British Food Fortnight does exactly what it says on the tin. A national celebration that sees hundreds of venues and establishments all over the country taking part. It’s an event dedicated to not only celebrating the value of buying British, but diving into the foods and drink the UK does best.

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30 October -> 5 November – UK Sausage week

vWell…what do we need to say that the name doesn’t tell you? The British banger needs no introduction whatsoever – nor do those flying the flag for this classic summer staple. Once the warm weather comes to an end, it’s competition time for those who think they’ve got what it takes to win the coveted ‘UK Supreme Sausage Award’. Why not throw your own hat into the ring this year?


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6 November – Butcher’s Shop of The Year Awards

Last but not least, November also brings the annual Butcher’s Shop of The Year Awards – an event that has been recognising outstanding British talent for a whopping 23 years. An outstanding promotional event for all competitive – nothing short of life-changing for those who take home the most coveted awards on the table!

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