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For Britain’s Finest Pizza: The World’s Best Pizza Board?

The National Pizza Awards will take place early November in London. It is a fantastic event and as previous sponsors, one we will always be interested in and support.  Open to professional pizza chefs from across the catering industries, the event is billed as a ‘dedicated quest within the restaurant trade to find Britain’s finest pizza’ and will judge entries on six distinct categories from ingredient choice and flavour profile to texture and aesthetic presentation.

To celebrate the National Pizza Awards, along with the sumptuous collection of Roweca Pizza Boards from Row and Sons, we’ve delved into the Guinness Book to bring you these three record-breakers from the tasty world of everyone’s favourite comfort food.




World’s Largest Pizza

Fittingly created in Italy by staff at NIPfood, the official largest pizza in the world had a total surface area of an impressive 1,261.65 square metres. Named ‘Ottavia’ (Italian for ‘eighth son’) in homage to the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, the giant pizza was 100% gluten-free.

World’s Longest Pizza

A collaborative effort between local businesses in Fontana, California, the longest pizza ever made stretched a massive 1,930.39 metres long. It took a team of 100 people more than 54 hours to prepare and bake the behemoth, using around 8,028 kg of dough, 2,267 kg of tomato sauce and 1,768kg of mozzarella.

World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Costing an eye-watering £2,106 plus change (not including service charge!), the most expensive pizza can be purchased at Industry Kitchen in New York. The pricey pizza is made using dough containing black squid ink while the luxurious toppings include British white Stilton, French truffles and foie gras, caviar sourced from the Caspian Sea and a sprinkling of 24-carat gold leaves.

Row and Sons supply a range of pizza boards of exceptional quality, which are made using Roweca. This revolutionary material, which is durable, non-slip, hygienic, kind to knives, dishwasher-safe, maintenance-free, heat resistant and eco-friendly makes for perfectly professional pizza boards.

Pizza Board

Available in either Natural or Slate colourways, all diameters of pizza boards, with or without handles, can be customised to your bespoke specification, with your own logo or required wording, engraved onto your board.

While you wait with your mouth watering for the National Pizza Awards, check out our versatile pizza boards, along with many other products made using Roweca, here on the Row and Sons website. Bon appetit!