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Butcher Block Buyers Guide – Getting It Right the First Time

Buy right, buy once – the overriding rule that applies to any purchase of importance. There was a time when buying the perfect butcher’s block wasn’t particularly difficult. The reason being that pretty much every butcher in the country worked in similar conditions. Butcher’s shops were cold, damp environments and typically revolved around the same basic tools and procedures.

These days, things are quite different. Butchery environments not only vary enormously from one to the next, but so too do the processes carried out therein. Which in turn means that while it may once have been the case, there is no longer such a thing as a one-size-fits-all butcher’s block.

Instead, you need a butcher’s block that is built specifically to suit the precise environment in which you intend to use it.

Custom Design

Row & Sons specialises in custom butcher’s blocks for this exact reason. Every block we offer is built individually, in order to perfectly suit the environment in which it will be used. We specialise in premium, reliable and capable butcher’s blocks, which rather than serving as attractive ornaments are functional and fundamental butchery tools.

Contrary to popular belief, the kinds of standard wooden blocks used in catering settings and homes alike are not always suitable for professional use. For example, if the atmospheric conditions are too hot and dry, too cold and dry or the surrounding environment is too wet, you cannot expect a generic wooden board to cope. Even if it gets the job done okay for a week or two, it won’t be long before it begins to degrade.

What’s also important to remember is, that in any environment in which a wooden butcher’s block is preferable, the temperature needs to be relatively constant. If there are frequent or severe temperature changes, this inherently has an effect on the wood that increases the likelihood of its degradation. If the temperatures cannot be consistently maintained, it may be better to opt for a plastic board.

Your Needs, Covered

Where many go wrong is in selecting what may be outstanding quality butcher’s blocks, without first taking into account their exact requirements. For obvious reasons, it can be difficult to find a mass produced or generic cutting board of any kind that will suit 100% of your needs and your facility’s environmental conditions. In order to cover your needs, you first need to establish your needs and bring them to the professionals.

Row & Sons is committed to offering independent support and guidance, in order to ensure that the investment you make in a premium block is money worth spending. We work hard to ensure that every block is built for the right environment, which in turn ensures that the investment pays back in a block that will both perform and go the distance.

To discuss your needs or for more information on any of the products we offer, get in touch with the Row & Sons customer service team today.