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Calling All Young Farmers

From Field to Fork – Supporting British Farmers

Time and time again, we see how British farming is affected by legislation, environmental changes, and the need to decrease end user prices. The community is often stretched beyond means at trying to make ends meet and obtain a modest profit.

So why are there so many young farmers continuing to pursue a career in the industry during which, appear to be increasingly more arduous times? The answer is simple. Passion. They are passionate about their produce. They are passionate about new farming techniques. They are passionate about continuing with a legacy, that in most cases was built by previous generations of family.

The Young Farmers of today, as with previous generations, have to be adaptable. Combining the skillset of a vet, mechanic, botanist, accountant, IT expert and social media guru amongst others.

With the list of required skills, where can they go for support? That is one of the areas that the National Federation for Young Farmers steps in. The NFYFC was founded more than 80 years ago, by young people for young people. Set up to “provide anyone aged 10 to 26 with a fantastic chance to meet lifelong friends, learn new skills, make a real difference to the local community and even travel the world”.

The NYFC provide a skills and training programme to support the advancement of young farmers careers and opportunities for club members, of which there are 24,500 in the UK, to get involved with national campaigns on issues affecting the rural community.

As a large voluntary organisation, which is run for charitable purposes, the NFYFC would not be able to run without the support of corporate sponsors and donations.

That got us thinking. How can Row & Sons support such an amazing organisation? After all, Row & Sons began life in Devon like the NFYFC. Instead of farming, we manufacture and sell butchers blocks. Let’s face facts, that wouldn’t be possible without the farmers rearing the meat in the first place!

Farmers, butchers and chefs alike, support the idea of field to fork traceability with produce, so, we want to step in and support that process also. After all, our products follow that chain, through the manufacture of butcher’s blocks, cutting boards and presentation boards. We supply into those industries, whether it be at meat processing or food service levels.

Like the young farmers of today, the team at Row & Sons are passionate. Passionate about British Craftmanship. Passionate about British Manufacturing. Passionate about supporting British Butchers, & Chefs through providing hard wearing, long lasting butchers blocks, cutting boards and presentation surfaces.

One of our team members, Becky, is a young farmer, a butcher and a Row & Sons administrator (there’s a nursery rhyme in that somewhere). She started with the team in February, and since then, she has set a fire amongst us through her love for farming and butchery. As a NFYFC member, we also hear about all the activities Young Farmers get involved with in raising money for local charities. This fits right in with our own values and we wanted to see how we can help you in your hard work.

So, after lots of thought and a whole lot of planning, we would like to introduce a new scheme for the NFYFC members to get involved with. Calling all NFYFC members; We want to help your Club raise much needed funds you can share with your chosen charities.


Well for every product sold though our YFC campaign, we want to offer the local Young Farmers Club a percentage of every sale. By YFC members liking, sharing and retweeting our campaign messages which are built on the British Field to Fork message, we aim to promote British Farming and support farm diversification businesses like Becky’s.


We hope to bring in sales across our complete product range from both individuals and businesses related to our food and farming industry, together with doing all we can through our YFC Field to Fork Campaign, to help support local communities.


Whether it is a butchers block, wooden board, kitchen centrepiece or surface, food preparation or service boards. Any of our products, we will give a percentage of every sale to the local Club, as long as its mentioned the enquiry has come to Row & Sons through our YFC Field to Fork campaign. When?

The sooner you start sharing/liking/ retweeting our YFC Field to Fork messages, remembering to let people know to mention YFC, the sooner we hope to receive enquiries we can log for Young Farmers! We will do the rest and let the individual Clubs know when orders come in.

So, we are asking for you to don your sales hats if you have already obtained them or add a new skill to that diverse set that you already have.

For more information and to get involved in the project, Row & Sons Field to Fork, please contact the office through or telephone 01206 396688.