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The Chefs Forum, Westminster Kingsway College

There are times during your working life where you really do have to question, ‘how difficult is my job?’Both Jamie and Matt had one of those days on Monday, when they attended the Chefs Forum at The Vincent Rooms, Westminster Kingsway Central London College.

It truly was a hard day’s life, as they sat down to enjoy lunch prepared by some fantastic chefs with the help of the students of Westminster Kingsway.


The laborious task of eating a full lunch menu was made no easier by the fact that it was prepared by some of the best chefs around;



Starter – Koppert Cress Mini Cressperience Tasting Garden

Fish Course Tom Cenci – Duck & Waffle

Charred Marr Fish Mackerel with Lime Yogurt, Apple, Cucumber, Curried Scraps & a Curried Mayonnaise

Meat Course Paul Shearing – Bread Sheet Kitchen

Walter Rose Braised Featherblade with Creamed Wild Mushroom & a Frederick Hiam Parsley Root Puree

Dessert Daniel Pearse – Hakkasan

Spiced Valrhona Chocolate Mandarin

Both Matt and Jamie commented on the Soup served as the starter along with the micro herb garden provided by Koppert Cress. Both thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge that Koppert Cress delivered, in particular, the different flavour combinations that could be produced with micro herbs. At the end of lunch, coffee was served and this particular roast was produced by Clifton Coffee. They gave a talk about the production of their coffee, in particular focusing on the fact that they cut out the middle man and went to the source direct.


Now it wasn’t all eating and gin drinking, (a lovely Tarquins & Tonic on arrival by all accounts), our two chaps did partake in the Trade Show which takes place at every Forum. This provides the opportunity for us, as a sponsor, to deliver the value that Row & Sons has to offer and advise of the benefits of buying British.


At the end of the Forum, goody bags were given away, each with a sample of Row & Sons Roweca product, demonstrating our craftsmen’s ability to create bespoke serving boards which can be customised.


As the last forum for us this year, we have to say that 2017 has been fantastic. With the introduction of the Birmingham Forum and making fantastic connections with the likes of Jack Cook from Walter Rose, who are working alongside us to promote the message of Field to Fork in 2018.


We can’t wait to see what 2018 has to bring to the Forums, so we shall see you in Birmingham and London to find out!