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The Key Differences Between Slate and Roweca Boards

Both slate and Roweca boards have their own unique points of appeal. Slate having become hugely popular in high-end professional circles for food presentation. But when it comes to outright versatility and practicality, Roweca boards outperform just about every other material out there.

Just like a slate board, Roweca boards can be used on both sides and are suitable for both chopping and presentation alike. They also look every bit as elegant and professional as their slate counterparts.

Over and above these basics however, there are a few key properties to bear in mind when deciding between slate and Roweca boards.



Weight. For example, a slate board is always going to weigh significantly more than a Roweca board of the same dimensions. Making the latter of the two far easier to handle in general.

Shatter-Proof. Drop a slate board from even a modest height and you’ll be looking at irreparable damage. Even if the board isn’t smashed to pieces, chances are it will crack, split, break or even shatter. With a Roweca board, there’s no risk of damage upon impact – thus eliminating the risk of sharp shard contamination.

Dishwasher-Safe. When working in a professional environment, the ability to throw essential items in the dishwasher for a quick and hygienic clean is essential. Unfortunately, natural slate boards never have been and never will be dishwasher-safe. By contrast, Roweca can be brought to a hygienic clean in a commercial dishwasher, just like the rest of your kitchen staples.

Knife-Friendly. The naturally hard properties of slate boards produce rugged, durable and beautiful kitchen-wares. However, they tend to be anything but knife-friendly and can quickly do a number on even the sharpest of knives. The difference with Roweca being its suitability for prolonged, heavy-duty use with no risk of dulling or damaging your knives.

NSF Approved. Roweca is a non-porous material and therefore will not absorb or harbour food waste or bacteria. Which is precisely why this remarkable material has received the full backing and support of the National Sanitary Foundation.

Maintenance Free. No bleaching required and zero maintenance to worry about. For the most part, a high-quality Roweca board simply looks after itself!

Heat Resistant. Boasting impressive heat-resistance up to a maximum of 350° F / 176° C, Roweca boards can be used to hold hot pans and other items, without the risk of marking the surface.

Value for Money. Last up, when considering the long-term durability and general versatility of Roweca boards, it’s difficult to dispute the exceptional value for money they represent.

Multi-purpose professional kitchen boards of the highest quality, which bring a real sense of convenience and flexibility into the working environment.

Once again, it’s not to say that slate doesn’t have its own points of appeal, or even its place in the professional kitchen. It’s just that when compared and contrasted like-for-like, Roweca tops the table in just about every department!

For more information on any of our products or to discuss placing a custom order, get in touch with a member of the Row & Sons team today.