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Cutting Board – New Black Plastic


Row & Sons are pleased to introduce the new Black Plastic Cutting Board to our professional range of high density food cutting boards.

Row & Sons was founded in 1880 by Samuel Joshua Hodder Row; producing hardwood cutting surfaces and then introduced the Rowplas brand of high density plastic cutting boards. Here at Row & Sons we are proud of the fact that we have been trading for over 100 years offering a well established amount of knowledge and experience. Our reputation creates a strong level of trust from our customers.

Rowplas has always been available in the 6 standard food cutting board colours, due to customer demand we are pleased to introduce this new Black Rowplas material.

Black Rowplas cutting boards are ideal to use as display or serving boards, fantastic for ‘front of house’ enhancing the appearance of your food against a dark, background with a slight gloss to make it look even more appealing.

A great alternative to the wooden serving board, or marble effect serving board. Black Rowplas Polyethylene also makes an interesting cheese board. Ideal for use in café’s, deli’s and restaurants

All Rowplas polyethylene food chopping boards are designed for easy maintenance, and are manufactured from materials which are totally foodsafe. Rowplas Polyethylene High Molecular Weight PE500 (HMWPE500) is Compression Moulded and complies with both Plastic in Contact with Foodstuffs Regulations 1996, and EC Directives 89/109/EC and 90/28/EC.

Also Consider Slate Look Roweca.

If you are interested in a black material, you may wish to consider our new Roweca range which is available in black slate look cutting board and serving board.

If you would like a bespoke size board or need some advice then contact us on 01206 396 688 or emai