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Food Health and Safety – Colour Coded Food Boards

Row & Sons are very proud to have been an integral part of the colour coding system used globally for the safe preparation of food. In the mid 70’s Row & Sons were approached by two customers requiring the separation of raw and cooked meat. Therefore, we developed a red board to separate the raw meat preparation from the cooked meat, which remained on the white boards. Working alongside Health Inspectors, governing bodies, hoteliers and restaurant owners, this idea grew in the early 80’s. Four more boards were developed to prevent cross contamination on dairy, fish, fruit & salad and vegetables.

Getting back to basics

So what do the colours of the current food boards represent? To those in the food and catering industries, this may seem like an extremely basic question, but just as a refresher, here they are;

  • Red – Raw Meat
  • White – Dairy/bakery
  • Blue – Raw fish
  • Green – Fruit/salad
  • Brown – Vegetables
  • Yellow – Cooked Meats


We recently introduced the Rowplas Magenta which is dedicated to Allergen Free use only in accordance with the EU1169/2011 Regulations. This board, as described above is magenta (pink) in colour. Both Row & Sons colour coded chopping boards and wall charts can bring peace of mind to members of kitchen or preparation area by helping to avoid cross contamination of key food groups.