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Wooden Spoons are the understated essential

Wooden Spoons – The humble, understated essential Wooden Spoons, The obvious choice Wooden spoons not unlike Row and Sons have been around for a very long time. With so many other variations of spoon in today’s market, manufactured from materials, wooden spoons still remain head and shoulders above the rest, and is a consistent favourite. Comfortable to hold, wooden spoons give a warm fuzzy sense of nostalgia as well as being a useful practical tool. Often kept for years as the silent hero in your kitchen.

Why choose wooden spoons instead of metal spoons?

Wooden spoons have the bonus of being incredibly practical as well as all the warm fuzzy stuff so how are they practical I hear you cry!…..  

  • Unlike a metal spoon you are able to leave wooden spoons in a hot pan for a much longer period of time as the wood will not conduct heat, meaning your hands are safe.
  • Being made of wood these spoons will not lose the heat in your food in the same way that a metal spoon would.
  • Wooden spoons can be used in various cooking pots and pans, making them versatile: you can be in the safe knowledge that you pan will not be scratched or marked.
  • Metal spoons are harder and sharper, with an action which tends to cut through the mixture, wooden spoons are ideal for folding in ingredients that do not want over mixing.
  • Wooden spoons can be left in a hot pan without running the risk of melting against the pan.
  • Wooden spoons will not react to foodstuffs and leave a metallic or acidic taint in your food.
  • Wooden spoons are comfortable to hold, ideal for frequent use.
  • Row & Sons spoons are manufactured from beech hardwood, the hardwood offers strength and durability as well as an attractive finish.
  • Our wooden spoons are made of one construction, meaning there are no joins causing dirt and bacteria traps.
  • You can draw faces on the back of a wooden spoon and glue fuzzy felt hair to it, making an awesome puppet! Now you can’t do that with a metal or silicone spoon can you!

Why not complete your wooden utensil set with a wooden rolling pin or stirring paddle.

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