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Roweca Wood Fibre Range Chopping Boards

Right now, chefs and caterers up and down the country are under greater scrutiny than ever before when it comes to both hygiene and eco-friendly operations. Specifically with regard to the hardware used on a day-to-day basis to get the job done, items that tick every important box are considered the only items professionals should be using. Even right down to the smallest yet most crucial kitchen essentials like chopping boards, industry leaders are expected to set a positive example for the rest to follow.

Which is precisely why our own range of Roweca wood fibre chopping boards has been receiving enhanced interest and attention as of late. Exclusively available from Row & Sons, this innovative material is 100% natural and takes hygiene, eco-friendliness and performance to a whole new level. Somewhat bridging the gap between wooden board and plastic boards, Roweca wood fibre chopping boards combine the very best of both. For those looking to take food preparation standards a step forward, Roweca wood fibre covers all bases.

The Advantages of Roweca

In terms of what it is specifically that makes Roweca wood fibre boards a cut above the rest, it’s the way in which total performance is combined with versatility, durability and sustainability. When it comes to production of the boards, Roweca material is produced from environmentally-friendly eco-select paper from trees harvested under guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards. Which in turn means that after the collection and use of raw materials, every tree harvested is replaced with at least one or several more trees.

When put to use in a professional kitchen, Roweca wood fibre boards are both knife-friendly and easy to use. Absolutely no maintenance is required at any time and the material is rugged and durable enough to resist even the heaviest use without cracking. Boasting heat resistance up to an impressive 350° F / 176° C, each board can double-up as a trivet and is also 100% dishwasher safe. This in turn allows for fast and convenient cleaning, ensuring that the board remains in flawlessly hygienic conditions at all times. While standard bamboo or wooden cutting boards may soon degrade with regular dishwasher use, Roweca wood fibre boards remain robust and reliable.

All of the above has earned Roweca wood fibre boards the official backing of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), certifying that these high-end products do not harbour bacteria due to their non-porous characteristics. Available in a wide variety of specifications, there’s a Roweca wood fibre boards available for every purpose across the board and incredible value for money comes guaranteed.

Committed to Quality

Having been in the industry longer than most, we understand the importance of superior quality, performance and reliability to those working in the food preparation and service industry. Our entire product range comprises only the most outstanding items that have been hand-selected or manufactured exclusively for us, backed by our total customer service package and unrivalled value for money.