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Premium Cutting Boards – The Benefits of Canadian Rock Maple

We’re often asked which of all the available materials is the outright best for chopping boards. And it’s a question we’re still unable to answer, given the way in which different applications call for different materials. The same also being said for budgets, personal preferences and so on.

However, if you’re looking for a board or block made from the kind of material that’s simply unstoppable in every way, you won’t go far wrong with Canadian Rock Maple. Often referred to as Canadian Hard Maple or sometimes Sugar Maple, it’s still the same material you’re looking at. Just to confuse matters even more, the term “Soft Maple” does not refer to any specific species of maple. Instead, it refers to a whole category of maple species. Rock Maple on the other hand is one very unique species in its own right, which has come to be the material of choice where quality and durability cannot be compromised.

Unrivalled Durability

When it comes to resistance, durability and the kind of performance you can rely on, Rock Maple really is in a league of its own. Along with being used in the manufacture of ultra-premium chopping boards, this is also the material of choice in the production of bowling pins, baseball bats and many other products used in high-impact, heavy-punishment environments. This should probably tell you all that needs to be said about Rock Maple’s durability. Regardless of what you subject it to in your kitchens, it won’t let you down.

Of course, the added bonus with all quality wooden chopping boards is the way in which they’re not only kind to your knives, but also carry something of a natural antibacterial agent. This means that the board itself actually plays an active role in killing bacteria and keeping things as safe and hygienic as possible. The fact that wooden chopping boards are biodegradable, sourced responsibly from renewable sources and have the most incredible lifespan also weighs heavily in their favour. And let’s not forget the way in which premium wooden chopping boards never look anything other than outstanding in presentation terms.

The only difference with Rock Maple being that these are the kinds of boards that work as hard as you do!

Made to Measure

Here at Row & Sons, we’re committed to going the extra mile every time when it comes to the boards and blocks we offer. In order to ensure that you are supplied with an absolutely flawless product for its given purpose, we manufacture each block to order in full accordance with your needs. By taking into account both its intended use and the environmental conditions in the working area, we can craft the kind of Rock Maple board that’s a guaranteed asset to your business.

For more information on any of the products we offer or to discuss placing an order, get in touch with the Row & Sons customer service team today.