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The Rise Of Food Sharing In Restaurants

Over the past couple of years, we’ve noted a distinct increase in interest our food sharing boards. The big question being…why now?

Well, to tell the truth it’s no big mystery, as on a global basis the world is right now going through something of a dining revolution. In fact, there are many out there who genuinely believe that we’re witnessing the demise of the traditional three-course meal. The standard individual dining model that’s dominated the dining scene for generations is quickly being overtaken by collaborative food sharing.

We call it food sharing, Americans call it family-style dining – in all instances it’s still the exact same concept. These days, diners in growing numbers are finding themselves not only compelled to share, but to experience whatever else fellow diners have ordered for themselves. It’s a new culture of give and take – you only have to take into account the social-media food-photo-sharing craze to get an idea of just how keen folk these days are to share their dining experiences.

But it’s not only this compulsion to share that’s driving the revolution. For one thing, family style dining is how the vast majority of people always have and always will eat when getting together with family. Not only are tables piled with everything at the same time for self-service purposes, but there’s usually so much of it that you never worry for one minute about not being satisfied. As such, when the family style dining experience is recreated in a restaurant, it stirs up the same kinds of feelings of comfort, homeliness, family and enjoyment that are associated with family dinners at home.

On top of this, the fact that we’re routinely dining on all manner of wonders from all over the world these days also intensifies the appeal and value of shared dining experiences. Japan gave us the breathtaking sushi platters the group digs into collectively. From China came the spinning ‘Lazy Susan’ that serves as a veritable buffet for diners. Spain brought us the tapas plates we share instinctively, Greece the mezze that’s built for sharing, India the platters of curries, sides, garnishes and so on.

So really, it’s not as if this kind of shared dining is anything new – it’s simply the case that’s we’re starting to truly embrace it in a big way. And not only embrace it, but carry its principles over to a wider variety of cuisines than ever before.

Even at the highest fine-dining level, restaurants all over the world are beginning to introduce family style dining options. And their diners are absolutely loving it. The social element of the experience combined with the ability to sample as many flavours as possible makes it a winner on so many levels. Of course, it’s nothing less than a Godsend for the indecisive, too!

So if shared dining isn’t something you’ve so far given a great deal of thought to, it could well be time for you to get on-board with the revolution. Our Roweca Pro-Duet Food Sharing Boards represent a great example of a well-designed sharing platter, featuring a removeable insert for hygienic cleaning and the options of customising with a logo to shout about your brand message!

For more information on these or any of our products, get in touch with the Row and Sons customer