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Serving Boards – The Extinction of Plates

Front of House Serving Boards – The Extinction of Plates?

Innovative Serving Platters

The recent popularity in serving boards and platters for front of house has seen the plates become more and more extinct within a restaurant environment. Certain materials such as bespoke wood, or wood fibre and even plastic, have become immensely attractive to the front of house market.

Whether you’re a professional kitchen looking for the finest serving boards, a restaurant looking for a quirky style to serve food, or a chain of restaurants aiming to provide a front of house service the customer won’t forget you should ditch the plates and serve your food on a tailored wooden platter.

Here at Row & Sons we specialise in bespoke production, both in hardwood, wood fibre and polyethylene. We are able to produce most items required for front of house service, deli counters, and the professional kitchen, as well as highest quality for the custom designed domestic kitchen.

Natural Wood Serving Boards

Not only do our products provide a rustic feel the wooden material they are great for slicing, presenting, sharing and serving. They feature a juice groove on one side to keep things tidy also.

Our skilled craftsmen are capable to design, produce and man6ufacture customised serving boards that suit your every need.

For example, we worked closely with a rock music themed event caterer in order to produce a line of guitar shaped serving platters for their venues. The ability to design and create personalised items specifies the high level of quality we have here at Row & Sons.

Join the trend, scrap the plates, and use Row & Sons to improve your restaurant’s front of house experience and use our high quality wooden platters.

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