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Food Hygiene Matters: Colour Coded Cutting Boards

Whether you are installing a new commercial grade kitchen, redesigning your existing facilities or simply renewing your equipment, your choice for cutting boards is important to manage food safety and cross contamination risks as well as defining the look and feel of your working space.

Your initial choice will be based on food hygiene requirements but depending on your priorities for use, raw material, maintenance, design, disposal and renewal, there are various options available to consider.  Here we look at some of the options Row & Sons offer and the colour coding system we helped introduce in 1976, now used globally for food preparation to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Rowplas HDPE500 Solid Colour – Available for Commercial Kitchen and Butchery in 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm thicknesses.  Produced from high density PE500 polyethylene which is dishwasher safe, hygienic and will not harbour bacteria.  Suitable for high volume usage and is kind to knives.

Rowplas HDPE500 Twin Stripe  –  Feature a single colour strip on the side of the board to distinguish which to use to cut and prepare the various types of food.  White and Black base available in 12mm, 20mm and 25mm together with four different Marble designs available in only the 20mm thickness. These are a great option for open preparation areas, on view to customers, where look and design are also important.

Apex ® – The ultimate food cutting surface with very long life-span, made from a unique non cellular anti-microbial rubber compound material.  It does not harbour bad smells (great for fish!) and the surface is self-healing, giving less opportunity for bacteria to exist in deep cuts and allowing knives to stay sharp for longer. It is popular in many high-profile restaurants and hotels.  The base colour is beige but each board can be colour coded for six colour choices.  Thicknesses available are 12mm, 19mm and 25mm.  

Michel Perraud about Apex: “The most impressive quality of Apex is that it does not retain food smells”.

Roweca Colour Coded – an eco-friendly composite made from paper fibre, it is heat resistant to 176°, dishwasher friendly, kind to knives, hygienic and food safe. The unique design includes coloured silicon buttons in each corner of the board, creating the colour code options and the extra non-slip safety element. Available in colours Slate or Natural, standard thickness is 6mm but 9mm is also available.

Chris Colmer, Pizzastorm about Roweca: “Roweca’s best features are its robust nature and flexibility in cleaning simply”.

Row & Sons also supply accessories such as colour coded wall charts and board storage racks to aid management and use of colour coded cutting boards within your kitchen.

Check out our website for all of our specialist product ranges for Butchery, Food Preparation and Food Presentation. They are guaranteed to suit your needs.