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Pizzastorm is owned by the Bakkavor Group and have a restaurant and takeaway. They approached us due to needing a practical food preparation board that could withstand the process of pressing dough to create customers Pizzas before then being transferred to their deck oven.

Pizzastorm were previously using wooden Pizza boards, while they are aesthetically pleasing, they do require special care to ensure that they are properly maintained. Which can be difficult within a busy food environment as it can take up too much time which just isn’t practical. As wooden serving boards cannot be placed into a dishwasher, they require good cleaning by wiping them down which takes a lot of time and resource. When Pizzastorm did this over a period of time, they also found that the boards would split and crack which can cause problems with hygiene as the food can become stuck in the cracks and harbour bacteria. Which is something that is not acceptable in any food environment especially when they are being used to serve food to customers.

Pizzastorm had a noticeably clear requirement, a board that must be robust, customisable and dishwasher friendly. Due to our knowledge and experience in these areas it was quite easy for our team to establish the best fit, so we recommended using our Roweca product line. This is manufactured from layers of paper which are compressed and held together by a food safe resin. It is also a knife friendly board which can be used to both prepare and serve food. It also comes with the benefit of being dishwasher friendly which made it the ideal solution.


Pizzastorm Restuarant

When we followed up with Chris Colmer from Bakkavor, he said “Since launching the board we have saved over one hour of labour every day and are also seeing a much longer life span of up to 2 years. The bespoke shape provided matched the previous board perfectly and the black colour fits in well with our brand identity. One of the best features is its robust nature, which is complimented by its flexibility in simple cleaning. These boards have resulted in a massive improvement to not only our team, but to the overall aesthetic appeal to our customers as the boards are no longer splitting. Row & Sons provided a quick service and were flexible with our requirements and even managed the process without any hiccups. We had good communication throughout and very quick time scales. After the lauch we were provided with aftercare where a member of the Row & Sons team came to visit. ”

Pizzastorm have saved time in labour and seen a longer lifespan of the boards, as a direct result of the team no longer having to manually clean them. This not only saves them time but money as well. We are more than pleased to hear that Pizzastorm have benefited from our recommendations and are happy to see that our Roweca product line is providing them with everything they need.  As we have the internal ability to CNC customisation of boards is simple. Each one that we did for Pizzastorm was manufactured in house and emblazoned with their logo. If you would like more information on our Roweca line of products or any of our other collections, please contact us on 01206 396688.